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Gail Valentine Gail Valentine

     Gail Valentine is from Denver, Colorado. She studied textiles and received a degree in Design from Cornell University in New York. Drawn to quilts through her love of antiques, Gail began to quilt in the early '80s, and was soon experimenting with her own designs. She now specializes in mirror-design techniques, and is author of the book, Mirror Manipulations.

     Gail has taught at shops and guilds throughout the United States, including large conferences such as the International Quilt Festival in Houston, and her quilts have been in state, regional, national and international exhibits, winning a variety of awards. She enjoys teaching comprehensive techniques, thereby enabling and encouraging students to create their own original designs.


     By using a small set of hinged mirrors, one can discover designs "hidden" within large-scale prints or other printed motifs or diagrams. These designs magically appear in the mirrors, much like a child's kaleidoscope. "Print manipulation" involves using mirrors on large-scale prints. By manipulating the lines, curves, swirls, and geometric elements within the print, totally new shapes and designs can be formed. Unlike strip-cutting methods, the quilter is actively involved in designing his or her own unique blocks, and can control the outcome. The mirrors allow one to discover and create designs unseen by the naked eye. This method truly makes the best use of today's wonderful novelty prints. Look for prints that are large-scale, multi-color, have distinct, high-contrast shapes, and have many different shapes of motifs.

     Mirrors can also be used to manipulate block, border, and entire quilt-top designs. In most cases, viewing of the finished design is instantaneous--simply by looking in the mirrors. Sometimes the mirrors serve to "jumpstart" new design ideas. Discover a whole new world of fun and excitement in quilt design!

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Lectures & Workshops | Ordering Information

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